About Bethel Pontyclun

Our Vision

At Bethel we want to Love God and Love Others.

We want to be a family of people who love and serve our community while growing together in our love for God. Above all, we want to see everyone we come into contact with move a step closer to knowing God better.

As a leadership our aim is to be Relevant, Inspiring, Passionate and Excellent in everything that we do so that God is held high above everything else.

Our Values

  • Every single person matters to God and must matter to us.
  • The church should be in line with the Word of God and aim to be culturally relevant.
  • Followers of Jesus should live their lives in a way that is consistent with the Word of God.
  • Each member will be encouraged to discover and use their Spiritual Gifts.
  • Loving relationships should be in every aspect of church life.
  • Small groups are an essential part of church life for spiritual growth, discipleship and relationship building.
  • Excellence honours God and we will aim to achieve it

Download our Statement of Basic Beliefs below for more detailed information.