Week of Prayer

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4th - 9th March

The prayer room will be open from 9am until 1pm Monday to Friday. Come along whenever you can to pray on your own or with whoever else is there at the time.

A day of prayer and fasting to mark the start of lent - We will focus on repentance, prayer and self control and will be holding prayer meetings at 6.00am - 8am and 7.30pm - 9.00pm.

SATURDAY 9th March
Prayer and Worship, 7.00pm We will end the week of prayer with a prayer/worship meeting. A night of celebration and sharing God’s thoughts and encouragement from the week.  

Prayer Focus For Each Day:
Monday: Our Community and the Church's involvement. How can we serve?
Tuesday: Healing - physical, emotional and spiritual. Pray for those in need.
Wednesday: Repentance, forgiveness and relationships
Thursday: Outreach - Bethel Babies, Kids Clubs, Youth, Foodbank, Silver Lining etc
Friday: The Government - local and national, police, schools, world peace.