Older People

Retirement from employment opens up many new opportunities to serve in the Church. We are grateful that those who are technically ‘retired’ play an active role in the various ministries of the church from helping in administration and children’s work, to looking after the buildings and the grounds, Foodbank, and much more.

There are also opportunities for the more mature to gather for various activities and mutual support.

Silver Lining

Tuesdays 2.30pm
This is a great opportunity for the more mature community to get together, worship God with some hymns and have a short message given by various speakers.
(once a month, meets at David’s Court, a nearby residential complex for a time of fellowship.)

Craft Group

Mondays, 2pm
The craft-makers gather to share creative ideas and enjoy afternoon tea.

Kerith (small group)

Wednesdays, 2pm
A small group for those who find evening meetings difficult to get to.

A More Traditional Service

Sundays, 4pm
We have a quieter service for those who are less keen on drums!

All these are opportunities to make connections which help to enhance the relationships of mutual care and concern which is an underlying culture of the church. So, if you are a retired silver surfer, or simply have the time, start networking today.
Silver Lining Meeting
Silver Lining at David's Court