Pastoral Vacancy

Pastoral Vacancy

Some time after July 2018, our Senior Pastor at Bethel Baptist Church, Pontyclun is planning to retire. As we look ahead to transition planning and what we will need from our next Senior Pastor, we recognise that if the future growth of the church depends on the abilities of one person, then the growth of the church will be limited by the capacity & ability of that one person. As our Pastor looks towards retirement, we are looking to move away from a “traditional Senior Pastor” role and to facilitate scalable growth, increasingly relying on teams of leaders, who then lead the ministries of the church. For this reason, our vision is for our Senior Pastor to function more as a “Team Lead Pastor” who oversees and invest heavily in our leaders and teams of volunteers.

We are therefore looking for someone who is able to challenge, inspire and mentor our church and our leaders to reach and disciple the next generation for Jesus. They will need to have pastoral & team management experience, demonstrating theological and biblical competency and be able to communicate effectively. As a leadership and as a church we are passionate about our call to Love God and Love Others. There is a complete sense in the leadership and church of God stirring up something new to reach and disciple the next generation for Jesus and in recent years we have been seeing consistent levels of growth. We are a very active community-based and family-oriented church that averages 140 in our main Sunday morning service with 200+ people that actively consider Bethel their spiritual home.

Bethel Pontyclun is strategically positioned in a rapidly growing area just outside of Cardiff off Junction 34 of the M4. The Church occupies purpose-built premises completed in 1993, amounting to approximately 11,000 square feet on a 1½ acre site – completely mortgage and debt free. We are already beginning to max out these facilities and so are beginning to pray into expansion plans and how God will lead us to further invest in future growth. In addition to the voluntary leadership team which is made up of professionals, local business owners and leaders who are passionate about serving Jesus, the current employed ministry team includes a full time Senior Pastor and part time - Children’s Pastor, Youth Pastor, Church Centre Manager, Church Ministry Coordinator and cleaner.

For more information about our leadership team click here We are not a perfect church, no church is, but what we ARE is a thriving church with an incredible, young leadership team who are passionate about continually becoming more effective at connecting people to God and then helping them grow, in a practical way, into lifelong disciples of Jesus. We firmly believe that the local church is the hope of the world and the current growth we are experiencing is just the foreshadow of what God is about to do. For more information and to explore whether you could possibly be the person we are looking for, email: